KraalD methodological fetishism: derives from the Bill Brown’s “Thing Theory” which is founded “from a methodological point of view, it is the things-in-motion that illuminate their human and social context” (Brown, 2001, p. 6).

Plastics Entanglements,  Rochester 2018

Sacred Circle aka Plastic Fetish, Isle of White 2018

Following the abiogenic petroleum origin hypotheses, discarded plastic ambalage is placed within the sacred circle. Acknowledging the eternal abundance of rocks, biota and abandoned plastic packaging found on the beach/ ocean.

#plasticspollution #designtransposal

Land Art aka Plastic Soil, Rochester 2018

X Mass Tree 2015/16

KraalD/ UCA MA Design Creative Residency with  Surrey County Council -Waste Department recycling campaign exhibition at the  Friary Shopping Center, Surrey, UK Dec 2015 to Jan 2016

The Sea PET Series, 2015

Sea PET: Sea Anemone, Croatia, 2015

Cherry Festival Tokio Japan 2014

Reuse Thirst at Sitespecific, London 2013

KraalD Thirst at Eco Tales Festival, London 2013


Thirst 2013 Eco Tales Festival, London

CitySelf Anima 4 Sale 2012

Solo exhibit-pop-up store at Jeannie Avent Gallery, East Dulwich, 19-24 July, 2012. KraalD solo show, titled ‘Cityself Anima 4 Sale’, embedded in socio-consumer-ethical theory, exhibited prosumer lighting and jewellery product ranges. The opportunity to exhibit in a gallery and transforming the space into a guerrilla pop-up micro store created fertile soil for planting future qualitative produce. The solo show was an exciting opportunity to sfumato the boundaries of gallery, supermarket and street trade. This event introduced urban wildlife CitySelf flock, Boki, Mumu, and Bull to the public. Engaging small jewellery batch of Urban Bloom and creating a conversation platform allowing public to share fragmentary insights, exploring themes as: Trash is beautiful; Informal is normal;