Workshop with the sea and pollution / design transposal : Visualising through the Gyre !

KraalD/UCA, Designtransposal Workshop, at Creative Challenge Event, London, 25 March, 2015




They talk about plastic rubbish in the ocean !

Progress is not all good. Our world plastic consumption continues to rise,  In the first decade of the twenty-first century plastic production has quadrupled in comparison to the last. Oceans are the largest unprotected ecosystem on Earth. Anthropogenic litter, as it is termed, is present in all marine habitats and plastic and metal are the most prevalent litter item found on the deep sea bed. Plastic waste travels and is concentrated in five rotating currents, known as gyres. Marine research has revealed that synthetic polymers are a toxic pollutant spread throughout all the world’s oceans. Currently 269,000 tons of plastic composed of 5.25 trillion particles are afloat at sea. The impacts of plastic pollution after entering the food chain, through ingestion are: cancer, malformation and impaired reproductive ability. Sadly this problem is more complex then it seems. The meso-level fish rise 300 metres…

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