Forest Walk

If you dare to take a walk in the forest, there will be a plethora of life form diversity around you. There is the magical feel that fulfils us, especially after the winter when one feels awaking within and without. Spring: this is natures wisdom, it reminds you that we are all on the Uroboros train of the material entanglement of the death and rebirth.  After a few minutes, I have started following the plastics trail. Firstly, I encountered the abandoned plastic water bottle in the heap of the leaves, followed by the miraculous discovery of the growing moss on the broken green plastic bottle lined with plastic bag withhold by bramble. Next, I was greeted by the chewed up bottle top thread by animal graze (someone was either hungry or teething), bits of plastics parts and broke plastic trail which culminated with the orange netting resting gracefully in the leaves (like the sleeping beauty). In the forest encountering the plastics magic, I did not feel lost as the anthropocentric signposts where all around me. This afternoon walk was full of plastic things and nature others that made me feel that I belong to the Plastisphere, the New Earth. There is a peacefulness of belonging, that lays under the top layer of ecocide denial, guilt and anger, right there in my hearth or knowing myself I would instead say in my gut colony that knows all.

Yule Call to Self: Dark Ecology Diary

IMG_1013”Znam kad bih ziveo hiljadu godina            “I know if I’d been living for a thousand years
ceo bi mi zivot stao u jedan dan                     all my life would fit in one day
a jedan poziv menja sve                                   but one call can change everything
a jedan poziv menja sve                                   and one call changes everything
Ne zelim da zivim hiljadu godina                   I do not want to live for a thousand years
hocu sad i hocu sve                                            I want everything right here and right now
a jedan poziv menja sve, znaj                         know that one call changed everything              a jedan poziv menja sve, znaj”                        and know that one call changed everything.”

(Партибрејкерс, 1983)                                                                            (Partibrejkers, 1983)
Aka a wake-up call from the deep sleep of the anthropocentric denial.

Nano plastics entanglement is confirmed by science in the zooplankton, which is the primary source of food for the Lanternfish. Lanternfish is the primary source of food for the seals’ dolphins and tuna … and basically, nano plastics are the part of the food chain.
I have stopped eating scallops, mussels, lobster, prawns and all bottom feeder and the Lanternfish feeders ( goodbye sushimi). This is not prevention just a reduction of nano plastic consumption as I do have to breathe and drink water (air and water are saturated with nano plastics).
Side effects to humans and animals ( lymphatic systems imbalance, madness (found in fishes), intestine and gut bacteria imbalance and topped with the permanent sterility.
Can we ‘fix it’ nope we cannot, but we can find the holistic ways to live differently in balance and compassion with ourselves and nature-others: Right here and right now!
Time is irrelevant as we got 1000 years of planetary plastic detox ahead of all of us.
Wish you all a festive season and enjoy your seafood.
We are all #Plasticized together, for the thousand years.

Lyrics above is the echo of Belgrade music from my youth. I know of these band boys; they are not a deep crowd but got somehow aura to deliver occasional Haiku, and for that, they have my respect.
I guess this is hanging on the street corner ‘tacit knowledge’, lanternfish got it, gut bacteria got it; how come policyholders and plastic manufacturers (who bought political crowd) don’t have it at all?

Pls, stop the single-use plastic production flow.

Live right here and right now.

Haux, Haux

Yule call to self

Sailing on a Plastic Sea

Sail Britain end of season Event, St Katharine Dock, London,

Friday 12th – Saturday 13th October 2018

Join us for a programme of events to inspire positive change for the oceans! In response to Sail Britain’s voyages this year, our end of season event comprises a series of workshops, talks and exhibition exploring the themes of marine plastic pollution, ocean ecology and beyond to raise awareness of the importance of our marine environment.

Image may contain: ocean, text, water and outdoorSailing on a Plastic Sea